Q: What is a Keedjit™?

A Keedjit is a Keep it Digital trademarked product which generally starts as a memorable or special hardcopy/paper item that is converted to digital format AND enhanced/edited by incorporating a related photo or photos. The resulting Keedjit is better in many ways than the original item (personalized, more shareable, able to be backed up, etc.)

Q: Is the Keep it Digital service only for kids?

While Keep it Digital services provide a great way to capture memorable items created by kids, the service is not limited to kids.

Q: What types of items can I send to Keep it Digital to have converted to digital format?

You can send virtually any type of paper documents as long as they meet the size requirements and meet the terms of service (i.e. do not violate copyright laws, decency requirements, etc.) You can send hardcopy photos, photo albums, cards, letters, important documents and various other types of documents.

Q: What is Digital Personalization™?

Digital Personalization™ is the unique service that Keep it Digital provides in which we add photos and text of your choice to your digitized items to make the items even more meaningful to you. This information on your documents becomes extremely valuable years down the line when you are looking back at your memories.

Q: What if I only want my items converted to digital format (in other words, I do not want Digital Personalization™), is this available?

Absolutely Yes. You decide. This is completely the customer’s choice. You get to make this decision via the Keep it Digital website.

Q: What size items can I send?

Virtually any size hardcopy item can be sent. Keep it Digital service/pricing is based on items that are 8.5” x 11” (standard paper size) or smaller. Oversized items will be assessed an additional fee (fee varies based on size).

Q: What is a Keep it Digital gallery

Keep it Digital galleries are collections of your finished digitized items. Galleries can be private (i.e. only available to the account holder for personal or private documents) or they can be public for sharing of documents with friends and family via the internet or via the Keep it Digital website.

Q: Are my items secure?

Yes. Your items are secure. Items in your private gallery can only be viewed by you, the account holder. Items you might choose to share via your public gallery are available for viewing by anyone with internet access (unless you use the password protect feature for the gallery.) Once password protected, only people you provide the gallery password to can see the items you are sharing.

Q: How many galleries can I have to share my Keep it Digital items online?

Each user account has one private gallery and 9 galleries available for sharing online. Additional galleries for sharing can be provided as needed. All galleries remain available for use while your account is active.

Q: How long does it take to get my finished items?

Keep it Digital generally works on a monthly cycle and thus will deliver your finished items within this timeframe. More frequently or faster service is available upon request (additional fees will apply).

Q: Why is it best for me to sign up for monthly service?

Matching photos for Digital Personalization™ are usually available at the same time you send items to Keep it Digital. Also, if you don’t send items on a regular and consistent basis the matching becomes more difficult because you have to search more for matching photos.

Q: What if I do not want monthly service (I just want to use the service as I need it)?

“Pay as you Go” service is an available service level option. It is more cost effective to use the monthly service. Also, it is easier and more effective to capture your memories at the time (regular/recurring) versus waiting for extended periods of time.

Q: Does Keep it Digital save a back up copy of all of my items?

The user is expected to maintain their own back up of their items. Keep it Digital converts the items to digital format making it very easy for you to back up your precious memories so they last forever. By signing up for Keep it Digital service we do reserve the right to save/preserve a copy of your digital items; however, Keep it Digital should not be relied upon as a sole back up option at this time.

Q: Can I get my finished items on DVD or CD instead of via online download?

Keep it Digital only delivers finished items via online download. This process is easy and efficient.

Q: What format are my finished Keep it Digital items in?

Keep it Digital items are in .jpg format. This format is a standard that allows the items to be viewed on computers, as screensavers, in digital picture frames, and even allows viewing on TV’s (the required equipment for viewing on TV’s is not provided by Keep it Digital).

Q: Things on the website look out of place and things are not working, Why?

If you are having problems with the website, then you may be using an unsupported web browser. This website supports Internet Explorer 7, Safari, and Firefox 2.0+.
If you are using one of these web browsers, then please Contact Us and let us know what you are experiencing, so that we can correct the problem.