Keep it Digital is a service that provides a simple and routine way to convert your precious (paper or hardcopy) memories to digital format. Once digital there are many benefits. Watch the Keep it Digital informational video to learn more.

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How it Works:
  • You sign up for the service. Select your service level option.
    1. 10 items per month
    2. 20 items per month
    3. Pay as you go
  • We send you a new customer packet and your first Keep it Digital envelope (postage included for monthly services plan levels). You can send items on your own for one time service.
  • Send us your paper or hardcopy items
  • Keep it Digital will convert your paper/hardcopy items to digital and return the original hardcopies to you (along with your next months envelope)
  • You receive notification that your hardcopy items have been digitized (via e-mail)
  • Log in and complete your personalization requests (adding photos or text of your choice if desired)
  • Your personalization requests are then processed by Keep it Digital
  • Your finished Keep it Digital items are available on your galleries (public or private)
  • Enjoy, share, preserve your precious memories
  • In addition to enjoying them and sharing them now, years down the line these precious memories will be available for your kids to look back on and enjoy.